About me


I am a passionate by the informatic and new IT technologies, somebody living in a small country in the center of Central America.

People who are an inspiration for me, while we are talking about “entrepreneuring” are: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Page and Sergey Brin & Mark Zuckerberg.

Currently, I am studying the last year of Computing Engineering at National University of Engineering in Nicaragua.

My favorite model of “time spending” for work time is: 80/20 (The Pareto Principle) and my favorite philosophy for the design is: The KISS principle.

When I need to create something, or be more creative, always I think that I need to work smart and not strongly to get the desired goal, and really that this mentality has helped me a lot, from 5 years ago,when a day, somebody shared me some mp3 files of a guy named “Alex Day”, a Mexican motivator – an entrepreneur, who has sold his first 1 million dollars at his 21 years old , he teach me that.

“To learn is funny, must be always funny” is my favorite phrase, this mind state added to a strong determination of “to win or to die trying to win” can define how is my life style.


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