(Part 2) // Installing a SSL Certificate and don’t die while is trying to do it.

Okay, after receive some emails from the web hosting provider inmotionhosting.com, Today early, finally I have received the info with the RSA key…,
I will hide some train of chars by security reasons, the email looks like this:

Sin título-1

Usually you must think that the next step is more complex, wrong idea (in this case), …

The next step is only to open your panel (where you have bought the SSL certificate) and follow the next instructions:


I know, I know, may be you can say something like: why you don’t explain everything here, under this post?, okay, the first answer is because the info “already exist”… in the link, only, you will need to re-use a link, and the second one reason is because is a little bit tired for me to think and write in english hehe … Usually I do one thing with 2 goals in mind.

Then, after you have read the link before posted, you will need to wait a little bit more, like me, I am just right now waiting for the last message of confirmation of my hosting provider to complete the last step made.

After this point, I will need to activate the SSL authentication mode inside of the CMS installed under http://www.nicaraguaspanishschools.org

And… I will place the last part of this testing of installing a SSL certificate, please check the next and last part of this small tutorial: “Latest steps with the SSL certificate Installation and Activating it under a CMS…”


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