Installing a SSL Certificate and don’t die while is trying to do it.


Well, this is my first post… Today, I am trying to install a SSL certificate in the domain name

Okay, while I was reading and reading on Internet, I have found a place where I can bought a cheap certificate for my first test, this site that I have found is, I have bought a $9 usd basic certificate but will help me with the task.

Before it, I have hosted the site installation of in the servers of, but the domain name is hosted with another provider of domain names (( that is not important for this article)), (( I can offer info of how to complete a domain pointing the next time))

Okay, when I have finished the shopping of the SSL certificate, I have found that I will need a CSR code and a backup of my RSA key from my hosting provider, in this case is

These guys from India ((the live chat assistants)) in are very friendly, they provide me the information required to get my CSR code and RSA key.

As I am using this hosting provider, this task has had a $0 usd cost, I have had that to enter to the control panel and press a buttom of “request CSR code” after some few clicks I have received my CSR code and my backup of RSA key in our email ((the administrative email)).

If I remember, a RSA key is used during the establishment of communication between servers and clients with a protocol SSH, I wish to offer a diagram of how this architecture works (( I am thinking )).

Okay, I am done with the Info that I need to start with my installing of a SSL certificate in the domain name, and in the next post I will explain with some screens how I have made the complete installation…


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